Education v. Technology

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Comm 185: Introduction to Digital Media Production

My first reaction to the book, Reclaiming Conversation by sherry Turkle, I was overwhelmed with everything that I had just read, multi tasking, hyper attention and so much more. She argues the impacts on technology in the classroom.

My experience growing up in first a public school, being homeschooled, moving to a private school and then back again to public school, I have seen multiple different policies in act and been in a plethora of atmospheres to accommodate this.

In my public school the first round, I was in kindergarten and first grade, so there was a no gum policy but that was about it.

When my mother pulled me out and in to homeschooling, I saw a different ideals for media and technology. Our rule at home was no recreational use of our electronics unless we were all done with our work. If we did use them before, they…

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