I am glad that this movie is making possible again to get back talking about these topics, but I have to say that I found the storyline of the family very weak and really too simplistic, while I found some interesting content in the contributions by the tech people trying to explain the behind-the-curtains mechanisms of social media platforms

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There is a simple question I ask teenagers when I happen to be working with them on understanding social media better: how comes that all social media founders, Zuckerberg and all these guys, are rich beyond imagination, if they are giving you their services for free? Where do they get the money from?

I invite you all to ask your youngsters the same question – and prepare to be blown away by the most incredible answers you will get. They really have no clue. But money is the root of all evil * engine of the world, so following the money, as all good journalists would tell you to do, is the way to find answers. I find these answers completely absent in The Social Dilemma.